It's Worth Having The Carpet Cleaned Before You Move In

27 October 2022
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When you're about to move into a new house, you're bound to be excited. You probably can't wait to set your furniture up in all the perfect places, choose new decor, and settle in. Before you do all of those things, however, there is something else you should schedule: a carpet cleaning appointment. Here's why it's a good idea to have the home's carpets cleaned before you move in.

The cleaners will be able to do a more thorough job before furniture is moved in.

Typically when someone has their carpet cleaned, the cleaners have to work around furniture. They may move it into a different room or shift it from side to side. This is a lot of work, and there may be some parts of the carpet that the cleaners still can't reach because of furniture. On the other hand, if you have the carpet cleaned before you move in, then the cleaners will be able to clean every inch of it. You'll start off with a thoroughly clean carpet.

There may be some mud and dirt from the previous owners moving out.

When you're loading the moving truck, do you always take your shoes off? Most people don't because it is a lot of work. Chances are, whoever moved out of your new home introduced some dirt to the carpet when they were moving. Having the carpet cleaned before you move in is your chance to get rid of that dirt.

You'll deodorize the carpet.

Most homes have a distinct "smell." This smell may not be bad, but it is a smell left behind by the previous owners and all of the products they used. A lot of that smell is embedded in the home's soft surfaces, including the carpet. If you have the carpet cleaned before move-in, the home will have a lot less scent when you move in, and you can introduce your own air fresheners and cleaners without their smells being lost in the already existing odors.

You'll remove bacteria and viruses.

Bacteria and viruses can take up residence in the carpet and later make you sick. You don't want your time in the new home to start with illness, so have the carpet cleaned before move-in.

To learn more, get in touch with a residential carpet cleaning company in your area. They can tell you more about their specific services and give you a quote.