4 Non-Toxic, VOC-Free Dark Stain Removers For Your Carpet

2 October 2015
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From the initial purchase to the various tasks to clean and maintain your investment, it is easy to see the overwhelming nature of home ownership. Unfortunately, you may not be placing enough effort into eco-friendly carpet cleaning. Considering most cleaning sprays contain harmful VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, you may reach for these toxic sprays and foams to remove tough stains. However, removing carpet stains with natural, safe ingredients is possible. Read More 

3 Mental Health Conditions Alleviated By Securing Cleaning Services

17 July 2015
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When you think of the repercussions of an unkempt home, you may consider the way the dirt and dust increase symptoms associated with allergies, asthma and other respiratory illnesses. You may even think about the potential for viral and bacterial infections due to germ exposure. However, did you know that a dirty residence can also negatively impact mental health conditions? It is true. Disorganization and clutter often trigger a negative response in people suffering from depression, anxiety and dementia. Read More 

Tips For Deep Cleaning Your House: 4 Areas That Are Often Forgotten

11 July 2015
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No matter how well you keep your home, if you are like most people there are probably some spots that get overlooked. It is normal to get into a routine of doing every day chores, such as washing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, or vacuuming the carpet. But if your home is in need of a deep cleaning, don't forget to pay attention to the following parts of the home that may be neglected: Read More 

Dryer Overheating With Every Use? It’s Time To Clean Out Your Dryer Vent

18 March 2015
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If your dryer overheats during every use, it's time to clean out your dryer vent. Even if you clean out your dryer's lint compartment periodically, the vent can still become coated or blocked with lint over time. Although you should have your dryer vent cleaned professionally every year to keep it working properly, a dryer requires cleaning right now if it overheats. Here's why: How Does A Dryer Vent Become Blocked? Read More