Planning To Get Carpet Cleaning? 4 Ways To Enjoy Clean Carpeting For A Long Time

3 September 2018
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While you can invest in carpet cleaning without making any changes at home and enjoy clean flooring for a while, you may be interested in keeping the carpet clean for a longer time. A perk that comes with making these results last longer is that you will save money in the long run because you will not need to invest in carpet cleaning service as often to maintain cleanliness.

To maximize the chance of success with making sure that your carpet stays clean after professional service, you should do a few things before and after the cleaning is complete.

1. Air Filter

The air filter in your home is something that you should replace on a schedule because you do not want dust and dirt to build up to the point in which you see a huge reduction in effectiveness. Air filters also have different quality levels, so instead of going with the most affordable option, you can spend a little more money to get a filter that does a better job of catching dust particles.

2. Furniture

While you may not normally associate the floor with your furniture, you should consider going through a deep clean with all your furniture pieces before you get carpet cleaning. This is a smart move because you will most likely clean the furniture without moving each piece around much.

This means that the dirt and grime from the furniture may end up getting on the carpeting. Handling this task after carpet cleaning service will get your carpet dirty again in an instant.

3. Entry Doors

If you have carpeting at the entry doors, you may know that these areas are dirtier than most other spots throughout your house. To keep this from happening again after you get carpet cleaning, you should consider putting protection down in the form of plastic mats or rugs. You will find it easier to clean rugs and mats or even replace them after they become extra dirty.

4. Pet Grooming

Taking your pets to a groomer will prevent the hair from getting into your home. But, if you do the grooming on your own and handle the task inside your house, you should do this with all your pets before you get carpet cleaning. This will keep pet hair from covering a freshly cleaned carpet.

When you take care of these things, you should feel confident about your ability to make carpet cleaning results last a long time in your house. For more information, contact your local carpet cleaning company.