4 Home Appliances That Expose Your Home To Water Damage

20 January 2023
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Home appliances can transform your life in many amazing ways. They help you avoid taking your clothes to the laundry, cold showers, uncomfortable indoor temperatures, defrosting your refrigerator, and more. However, you must keep on top of home appliance maintenance to ensure they are working properly. Or else they may malfunction, causing water damage, which is dangerous for your home and family. Here are four home appliances that expose your home to water damage and why immediate restoration is critical.

1. An Air Conditioner

Your AC has a drain line that carries water from the drain pan and deposits it outside. Over time, the drain line may develop clogs due to dust, and water will back up into the drain pain. Soon the water will start overflowing, damaging your walls, furniture, and floor. Have you noted water pools around your AC? Do not ignore it. Have the AC fixed and call water damage restoration experts immediately. They will remove the water, dry, and dehumidify your home to help keep mold at bay.

2. Dishwasher

If your dishwasher's supply line is broken, the filter is clogged, or the door latch is damaged, leaks are inevitable. Besides being inconvenient, dishwasher leaks are a perfect recipe for water damage. Your kitchen floor may develop cracks, and you may have blackish or grayish substances on your walls—mold. If you do not want to deal with costly floor repair and mold remediation, fix your dishwasher and call a reputable water damage restoration company ASAP. They have high-end equipment to remove visible and hidden water to keep damage at bay.

3. Washing Machine

Water puddles near your washing machine mean it is leaking. This may happen due to damaged inlet and drain hoses, loose hoses, unsealed gaskets, or a damaged pressure switch. You would better call a water damage restoration team before the puddles start damaging your home. Also, remember to fix your washing machine to avoid further leaks.

4. Water Heater

Your water heater can develop leaks too. In most cases, this is due to a damaged water tank and pressure relief valve or if the drain valve, inlet, and outlet connections are loose. Water from a leaking water heater can damage your floors, foundation, or walls, calling for costly repair. However, you can always turn to a water damage restoration company. The specialist will quickly evaluate the damage and fix it for your family's safety.

While home appliances make your life happier and more comfortable, they can cause water damage if faulty. Since water damage puts your family and your property at risk, it is best to engage a renowned water damage restoration company right after the first sign of water damage.

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