Commercial Tile Cleaning Makes Your Dirty Tiles And Grout Look Fresh And Clean

27 September 2022
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Even if you have a commercial cleaning company sweep and mop the tile floors in your building daily, the floor can still soak up dirt and grime. That's because the grout between the tiles and some types of tiles is porous and can soak up dirty mop water. Plus, the grout lines are indented, so they trap dirt and grit.

To keep your floors looking their best, you'll need to have the tiles cleaned regularly. The frequency depends on how much foot traffic your building has and how fast the tiles get dirty. Here's a look at how commercial tile cleaning works.

The Work Is Divided Into Sections

A commercial tile cleaning company works around your customers and employees. If possible, they'll work after hours or during the hours when things are slow in your building. At the least, they'll divide the work into sections so you can close off a small portion of the floors at a time.

Cleaning a typical room could take a few hours, and you also need to allow time for the floor to dry and the coating to cure. That's why a detailed plan has to be established so the work can be done with little disruption to your daily routine.

The Cleaning Water Is Extracted Right Away

A commercial tile cleaning company may use truck-mounted equipment that sprays water on the floor and immediately extracts it. The force of the water dislodges dirt and grime that's trapped in the grout lines or pores. The cleaning tool looks similar to a floor polisher, and that allows the water to be injected on one side and extracted on the other.

There won't be standing water on the floor, but the tiles and grout will be damp. You should keep employees off of the floor if possible until the floor is completely dry.

The Tiles And Grout Look New Again

Unlike mopping that only cleans off surface dirt, commercial tile cleaning equipment deep cleans the tiles and grout. The tiles look bright and fresh when the job is finished. The grout may turn from dirty black to white again. If it's been a long time since you had the tiles deep cleaned in your building, you may be surprised at how different your floors look when they're professionally cleaned.

Applying A Seal Coating Is A Good Idea

While sealing isn't mandatory, it's a good idea to seal the grout once it's clean and dry. The coating keeps the grout from soaking up dirt since the coating plugs the pores in the grout. This helps the grout lines stay white and bright for much longer. Otherwise, dirt builds up fast and the grout will turn gray and then black again.

For more information on commercial tile cleaning, contact a professional near you.