Do You Have Rugs That Are Dirty? How a Rug Cleaning Company Works

31 January 2022
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If you have area rugs in your home and they are dirty, you should hire a rug cleaning services company to clean them for you. Below are the steps they take when cleaning, as well as information on how you can extend the life of your rugs once they are all clean in Yorktown, VA. 

Rug Cleaning

When the rug cleaning experts arrive at your home, they will inspect the rugs and then give you a quote on what it will cost to have them cleaned. They will check things like rug stains, fading, dye stains, pet odors, and worn fringes. If you accept their quote, they pick up the rugs and take them to their facility in most cases. 

The company uses a strong blast of compressed air to remove all dust and debris from the rugs.  They may test the rugs for colorfastness to know the best rug cleaning solution they can use to get your rugs clean. When they finish cleaning, they check for stains. If found, they use a stain remover on the stains. They then give the rugs a cool water rinse to remove all cleaning solution, any leftover dirt, and odors. 

When the rugs are finished, they will then be dried. This may be using a drier or they may let the rugs air dry. They may hang the rugs up while drying or lay them flat on a surface. This will depend on the type of rugs you have. 

When the rugs are dry, the service combs and brushes or pile fluffs the rug and then cleans the fringe, if there is any.  

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Rugs

One important way to extend the life is to have the rugs cleaned. If you notice any kind of damage have the rugs repaired immediately. If you do not have rug pads, you should purchase rug pads to make sure the rugs stay secure and safe in place. A rug pad will also help keep your rugs in good condition. 

Move the rugs away from sunlight if they are close to a window. This is because the sun will cause the colors to fade but also may cause damage to the rugs. If something is spilled on the rugs or a pet has an accident, blot the spill with a damp rag but do not use a cleaning solution or you could cause damage.

A reliable rug cleaning services company can give you much more information.