Top 4 Signs You Need To Hire Commercial Janitorial Services

9 August 2021
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You have heard image consultants talk about the importance of creating great first impressions. During a formal presentation to a potential investor, you can't afford to wear pajamas or chew gum. The same case applies to your business. 

When your workplace has a dirty, littered floor and cluttered desks, it doesn't send a good image to your clients and visitors. That said, proper office cleaning goes beyond sweeping, wiping desks, and emptying trash cans, which is why you need to hire professional janitorial services. Here are four telltale signs it's time to hire a cleaning service. 

You Hesitate Before Inviting Clients In

If you hesitate before inviting your clients behind the scenes of your business operation, chances are the place isn't as clean or organized as you would like. And, since your work environment says volumes about your product or service, it makes sense that you don't want your clients to go there. 

The good news is you can do something about it. By hiring commercial janitorial services, all areas of your business, including the back offices, will be cleaned and arranged so you don't have to hesitate or make excuses not to invite your clients there. If a big meeting or event is coming up, professional deep cleaning of your entire office may also be necessary. 

Most Employees Are Calling in Sick

Research shows that office desks carry more germs than toilet seats. Other shared contact surfaces like doorknobs, handles, and lift buttons also harbor germs, bacteria, and viruses. Therefore, if your office isn't regularly cleaned and disinfected, it's easier for employees to pick up illnesses and call in sick. 

Besides, some of your employees may be allergic to dust, dirt, and other allergens. If you've seen an increased number of employees taking sick leaves for coughing, itching, nausea, or other abnormal behaviors, don't hesitate to seek professional janitorial services. 

Productivity Levels Are Dropping

A clean workplace is essential for employee productivity. If an employee has to spend over one hour every day looking for their lost pen in clutter or reorganizing papers on their desk, their productivity goes down, which affects your bottom line. 

Also, if you've been using your employees for cleaning services, it affects their ability to focus on other important business tasks. It could also lead to workplace tension, as employees fight over duty allocation. To avoid all these problems, allow the employees to focus on their jobs as the professional janitors do what they know best. 

Some Areas in Your Office Are Avoided

Have you noticed your employees avoiding one particular washroom? Or perhaps they don't want to have their meals in the office kitchen anymore. It may be something to do with the low hygienic levels in those areas. 

Your employees deserve to work in a clean place where they feel appreciated. Besides, if they have to go out to grab coffee or lunch, instead of using the office kitchen, they'll spend significant time away from work, and their productivity decreases. 

Contact a local office cleaning service to hear more about cleaning options.