Crawlspace Encapsulation: One Service That Will Save You So Much Time

4 February 2021
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Crawlspace encapsulation is a service that many homeowners put off. And the reasons why are understandable. Crawlspace encapsulation typically costs a few thousand dollars. It takes a few days, at least, and you have to move everything out of your crawlspace before the workers arrive. However, what homeowners do not always realize is that if you can make time for this service, you'll actually save a lot more time later on. Here's how.

Crawlspace encapsulation decreases your need for mold cleaning.

If your crawlspace is currently damp, you probably spend a lot of time cleaning up mold throughout your home. The moisture that comes in through the crawlspace travels, contributing to mold growth along window sills, in kitchens, in bathrooms, and in an array of other locations. If you encapsulate the crawlspace, the humidity level will drop throughout your entire home, and you'll see far less mold growth. Imagine the hours you'll save by not having to scrub the bathroom baseboards or bleach the window sills again!

Crawlspace encapsulation reduces pest control needs.

Other than mold, do you know what other life forms love a moist crawlspace? Bugs. Almost every type of insect, from cockroaches to ants, prefers to live in a moist environment, so if you have a moist crawlspace, chances are high that you're spending a lot of time and money on pest control. Once you have the crawlspace encapsulated, you should notice far fewer issues with insects. They may not all disappear immediately, but their populations will decline over the weeks until you're able to stop messing with baits, traps, and sprays entirely.

Crawlspace encapsulation allows you to store your things without so much protection.

Maybe your crawlspace is so moist that you cannot store anything inside of it, so you rent and drive to a storage unit regularly. If this is the case, then you'll save so much time once your crawlspace is encapsulated and you can use it for on-site storage! And if you are already storing things in your moist crawlspace that are carefully packaged up in plastic totes with lots of desiccant, you'll be able to cut back your packaging routine after the encapsulation. When your crawlspace is dry, you can just toss things in boxes and set them inside.

Crawlspace encapsulation may inconvenience you for a few days, but in return, you'll get many years of improved convenience — and that's a win!

To learn more about crawlspace encapsulation, contact a contractor.