Why Professional Cleaning Is Important After Remodeling Your Office

12 November 2020
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Remodeling your office is a great way to create a better working environment for your employees and impress potential clients. However, office remodeling can also create an enormous amount of waste and debris, which will have to be dealt with before your employees can safely return to their desks.

Deep-cleaning an office after remodeling work is a difficult and time-consuming job and should always be left to a professional office cleaning service. Here are some of the most important reasons why professional and thorough cleaning is essential after an office remodeling project:

Protect Against Plaster Dust

If any of the walls in your office were re-plastered during renovations, or if plaster walls were torn down to create an open-plan office space, your office will almost certainly be full of plaster dust. Plaster dust is extremely dangerous and can cause severe lung damage if accidentally inhaled. 

Because plaster dust is so fine, it can become deeply embedded in carpets, window coverings, and other soft furnishings. If your office is fitted with a ducted air conditioning system, the ducts can also harbor large deposits of dangerous dust, which will be released back into the air when the system is reactivated.

Calling in a professional office cleaning service is the only way to ensure that every trace of hazardous plaster dust has been removed. These services use specialized, high-powered vacuums to remove embedded dust from fixtures and fittings and can also safely remove any dust that has collected inside the office AC ducts.

Restore Your Windows

Your office's windows can also become very dirty during an office remodeling project, reducing ambient light levels, and generally making your office look dirty and unprofessional. Most remodeling contractors will tape off your windows while particularly dirty work is carried out, but the residue left behind once the tape is removed can be difficult to shift.

If any windows were installed or replaced, you may also have to contend with window stickers. Contractors will usually leave the manufacturer's stickers attached to new windows, and removing these stickers without damaging the glass beneath can be challenging. Office cleaning services can remove stickers and tape residue without causing any lasting damage.

Sanitize Your Surfaces

Surfaces and frequently used objects in your office should always thoroughly sterilized after remodeling work, and with the coronavirus pandemic showing no signs of slowing down, post-remodeling sanitation has never been more important. You have no way of knowing whether any of the workers who remodeled your property were infected with COVID-19.

This makes it vitally important to have your remodeled office disinfected before any of your employees return to the property. Office cleaning services have adapted quickly to the pandemic and can use a variety of safe, sterilizing chemicals to completely remove any viruses or microbes that have contaminated your workspace.