Tips To Keep Your Vacation Rental Property More Successful

16 December 2019
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A vacation rental property is a great investment with the potential for your family to benefit from its availability. However, to keep your property successfully rented and making money, there are certain tasks you need to complete on a regular basis and make available to your guests to ensure it remains popular, especially with return customers. Here are some recommendations for you to make your vacation rental home a great vacation property for your guest customers.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

The condition of your property is going to be a big detail that will either attract or detract from renting it out and having return guests. When you can impress a guest so they will want to return and stay in your vacation home again, you will see an increase in your property's rental business and an increase in the cash flow. Keep your property cleaned on a regular basis and deep cleaned all the time.

When a guest moves into your vacation home, they are going to notice if there is dirt in the grout and in the corners, dust on the baseboards and the window blinds, and grime and mildew in the showers. It is essential that you hire a professional cleaning service that will keep up on cleaning between tenants and to keep the property looking its best.

Be sure to hire a professional vacation home cleaning service that has experience and knows, for example, to clean under beds and behind and beneath furniture. Keeping all areas of the rental clean will let your guests know that the property is looked after properly and will contribute to its overall appearance.

Provide On-Site Laundry

Another way to impress your vacation guests is to provide laundry in the unit with a washer and dryer with some basic laundry supplies. This will provide a great benefit to your vacation guests who will create dirty laundry during their stay, and will prepare them for any unexpected laundry they might need to handle while on vacation.

You can even provide a personalized service to find out the type of laundry detergent and fabric softener your guests prefer. Then, you can have it available in the vacation rental when they arrive for their stay.

Handle Timely Maintenance and Management

Another important detail to provide to your vacation guests is to make sure a management professional or yourself are available to provide assistance to your guests with their key pick-up, check-out, and any other assistance they might need. It is also a good idea to have a maintenance person available to handle any clogged toilets, for example, to make their stay stress-free.