4 Things To Know About Taking Care Of Your Moroccan Rug

6 November 2019
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If you are interested in purchasing a Moroccan rug, you need to make sure you know how to take care of the rug once you purchase it. Moroccan rugs are beautiful rugs that can really enhance your home for a long time if you know how to take proper care of your rugs.  

1. Shake Your Rug Out on a Weekly Basis 

One of the best ways to take care of your new Moroccan rug is by taking it outside and shaking it. This old and classic cleaning method is still one of the best cleaning methods there is. Shaking it out will remove all the loose dirt on the rug, and a couple of vigorous shakes will help get out the dirt that is really stuck in the carpet.  

If you shake your rug out on a daily basis, dirt should not get embedded really deep inside of the carpet, thus making it easier to keep your rug clean. Moroccan rugs have been cleaned by shaking them out for hundreds of years, and this simple technique is the best way to take care of your special rug.  

2. Put a Rug Pad Under Your Rug 

The second thing you should do is invest in a rug pad for your rug. The rug pad will go under your rug. The rug pad will give some padding to your rug and make standing on the rug feel a little more comfortable. The rug pad will also help keep your rug from moving and sliding around on the ground.  

Additionally, the rug pad will help reduce the amount of friction between the rug and the floor. By reducing the amount of friction, you will reduce the wear on the rug and extend the life of the rug.  

3. Place Your Rug Carefully  

Think carefully about where you place the rug in your home. A Moroccan rug is beautiful, but it is also made to be used on a regular basis. It is made to be a part of your home. You may not want to place it at the entrance to the door, where the most dirt is tracked into your home, but you should feel comfortable placing the rug in an area of the home that you use frequently.  

4. Get Your Rug Professionally Cleaned

Finally, you can have your rug professionally cleaned by a team that knows how to treat your rug with care while getting all the dirt out of the rug at the same time. Only trust your rug to a team of professionals that knows how to take care of this type of rug. 

When it comes to taking care of your Moroccan rug, you should shake it out on a weekly basis, just like how the rug was originally designed to be taken care of. Place a rug pad under your rug to keep the dirt from getting ground into it. Think carefully about where to place the rug; don't put it in your kitchen or other areas where spills are likely. For more tips, contact residential carpet cleaning services in your area.