Dealing With A Robbery: Four Steps To Get Your Home Back To Normal

11 June 2019
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Being the victim of a burglary in your home can be a harrowing experience, but the aftermath can also be difficult to deal with. You may find that cleaning up and restoring your home may be more than you can handle. Here are some steps you can take to begin healing by getting your home back to normal.

Take Photos First

While the police department and crime scene detectives may take their own photographs of the scene, you may want to take your own. These images can help you determine which items need to be repaired or replaced, and the photos can also come in handy when you begin filing paperwork with your insurance company. When you take the photos, transfer them to a USB drive so that you can remove the images from your phone or camera right away. This prevents you from having to be reminded of the burglary every time you look at your camera roll.

Hire A Crime Scene Cleanup Company

Crime scene cleanup companies help the victims of crime restore their homes back to normal. In the event of a burglary, the cleanup services might include cleaning broken glass, removing residue from fingerprint collection, and removing broken items from the home. If one of the people who broke into your home was injured during the crime, the cleanup crew can also help handle any biological contaminants safely.

Arrange For Trash Pickup

Depending on how much damage was done to the home, you may need to make special arrangements for trash pickup. Damaged window panes, doors, furniture, and other items may need to be discarded. Contact your local trash pickup company to have an extra garbage removal visit or to arrange for a dumpster rental. Be sure you have permission from the police to throw any items away because there may be a chance some items might be needed by the police for evidence.

Rent A Hotel Room

The trauma of having your home broken into can be difficult to deal with. If you find that staying at home is too hard, it might be a good idea to rent a hotel room for a few days. This can give you some extra time to cope with the events that occurred without having to see the reminders all around you. Contact your insurance company because the cost of a hotel stay may be covered under your homeowner's department, depending on the amount of damage done during the burglary.