Have A Bottom Floor Office? Get Routine Office Cleaning To Avoid Problems

5 December 2018
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When you went through the process of shopping for an office, you may have considered offices on various floors and ended up on the bottom floor. While you may love certain features that come with using a bottom floor office such as not having to take an elevator or climb stairs, you may also know that the office space can pick up extra dirt and grime for several reasons.

If you want to avoid problems, you should rely on routine office cleaning as your solution.


In a high-rise office, you may not have the option to open the windows to get some fresh air. But, this is something that you may get to do every day while using a bottom floor office. While your employees may love the fresh air that comes into the office on workdays, you may realize that it also brings in a lot of dirt and dust that requires extra cleaning over keeping the windows closed.

With routine office cleaning, you can make sure the cleaners know that the windows and surrounding features will get extra dirty, especially the window screens. By keeping these areas clean, you can minimize the chance of employees suffering from allergic symptoms.


When you on the bottom floor, you will have a higher chance of experiencing a pest infestation. This means that you do not want to take any chances, especially in the kitchen. The best way to keep pests away from the office is by not encouraging them to come inside for any reason.

While working with office cleaners to come up with a routine service plan, you can make sure that every nook and cranny in the kitchen is thoroughly cleaned to avoid hidden crumbs.


When dirt and dust particles enter the office from the open windows, one of the areas that they will constantly land on is the flooring. If you are attempting to decide how often you should get office cleaning service, you should not hesitate to pay attention to the flooring because this is one of the features that will pick up the most dirt and grime in a short period of time.

By analyzing the floor between infrequent cleanings, you may be able to figure out how long you can go until you need office cleaning service to make sure the floor always looks clean.

Routine office cleaning is worth getting for any office, but especially with a bottom floor office. Reach out to office janitorial services for more information.