Have Pets In Your Home? Get Long-Lasting Carpet Cleaning By Following A Few Steps

5 July 2018
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When you have a lot of children and pets in your home, you may find it difficult to keep your home clean, especially the carpet because your whole family walks on it every day. While you can ask your kids to take their shoes off when they come inside and use spill-proof drink containers, you will have to put in additional effort with your pets to keep the carpet clean. If you are ready to get professional carpet cleaning and you want to make sure that the results last many months, you should prepare for the service in a few ways.

Loose Hair Removal

Unless you have hairless cats and dogs that do not shed, you should expect loose hair to always be on your pets. While brushing your pets will remove some of the hair, you will find that using a deshedding tool is more effective at removing loose hair from your pets' coats. This is an important task to handle before carpet cleaning or you will have loose hair getting everywhere. To avoid adding extra work for the professionals to handle, you should take your pets outside when you want to use a deshedding tool so that the hair does not stay inside the house.

Nail Trimming

While your pets may not need their nails trimmed often, you should take the time to trim them before you get carpet cleaning service. Cat nails will come off when they use scratchers, but you can shorten them and minimize how much dirt and grime gets under the nails. This is also beneficial for dogs because their nails will pick up dirt whenever they go outside to go potty.

Furniture Cleaning

Even with routine grooming, your pets may get hair throughout the house. While you may not see it much in the carpeting, you should notice it on your furniture. When you clean the furniture, you may notice some of the pet hair float away and land on the carpeting. This is an ideal situation because you can follow it up with carpet cleaning to end up with clean furniture and carpeting. Using a lint roller and washing all furniture cushions is an easy way to remove pet hair without hiring a company to handle the furniture cleaning responsibilities.

When you have pets in your home that contribute to carpet dirtiness, you should not hesitate to invest in a little planning that can lead to longer lasting results with carpet cleaning.