Several Questions about Duct Cleaning Answered

27 March 2018
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Air conditioning systems require a certain amount of maintenance and care if they are to be kept operating at peak effectiveness. Yet homeowners are often poorly informed about the care that these complicated systems need. While homeowners often focus much of their attention on the mechanical parts of the system, the ducts will also require some basic care and cleaning.

Why Would Someone Want To Have Their Ducts Cleaned?

It may not seem as though cleaning the ducts will provide much benefit to the property. However, dirty duct work can dramatically reduce the performance of the air conditioning system and lower the air quality in the house. Lower air quality can be particularly problematic for individuals that have health problems that impact their respiratory systems. While this may include serious health problems such as lung disease, it can also include relatively minor allergies. For the best results, individuals should have this work done every few years as a large amount of dust and allergens will accumulate in the duct work over this period of time.

Can You Clean Your Own Ducts?

For homeowners that enjoy do-it-yourself activities or that are looking to reduce the costs of this type of maintenance, it may be tempting to try this type of work without hiring a professional. However, it can be remarkably difficult for a person to effectively clean the ducts in his or her home due to the various nooks and other difficult to reach areas and the specialized equipment needed. While it may be possible to rent the equipment to perform this work, it would be rather expensive. Hiring professionals to do this maintenance is the more economical option.

Is There a Time of Year That Is Best Suited for Cleaning Ducts?

The time of year that the ducting should be cleaned will vary based on the design of your home's heating and cooling system. For those that have forced air heating that uses the same vents as the air conditioning system, it may be best to have this maintenance done during the fall months. This will allow much of the pollen and other allergens that are prevalent during the spring and summer to be removed from the ducting before the winter months arrive. For those that only use the ducting for the air conditioning system, it may be best to have this work done during the spring so that these materials will be removed before the system experiences intense summer usage.

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