Allow Pets In The Office? Rely On Office Cleaning To Find A Balance Of Cleanliness

16 March 2018
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Providing a positive work environment for your employees is an excellent way to maximize productivity. This is because satisfied employees are more likely to give it their all every day. One way that you can accomplish this goal is by allowing employees to bring their pets into the office. But, this does mean that you will need to invest more time and effort into office upkeep.

Trying to take care of cleaning on your own or distributing the responsibilities between your employees will reduce productivity and keep people from working on what they were hired for. An ideal situation is to change the way that you get help from office cleaning professionals.

Take Note of Accidents

If you are in the office for as long as all your employees are around, you should be able to take note of pet-related accidents that happen in the office. You should also request that your employees pay attention when one of the pets vomits or goes to the bathroom inside the office. While you want to clean up the accident immediately, you should take note of its location.

This way, you can leave a note for office cleaners to give a thorough scrub down of the areas where an accident happened. Following this step will prevent unwanted scents from lingering to the next day and it will stop minor stains from becoming difficult to remove over time.

Use Green Products

When you allow pets in the office, you especially want to pay attention to the products that are used for cleaning. Requesting that office cleaners use green products is important because this will eliminate the chance that any pets end up getting sick after spending time in the office. A secondary benefit is that it will also improve the health of your employees while working.

Focus on Pet Hair

Although people shed dead skin cells every day, you will find that pet hair is far more noticeable and distracting in the office. Not only is it visible to the naked eye, but it can spark allergies and cause problems for computer peripherals such as mice and keyboards. This means that you may need to get office cleaning more often then you used to before you allowed pets into the office.

If you just started letting pets into the office, you should adjust your commercial cleaning service to ensure that you provide your employees and their pets with a clean and healthy office.