3 Important Services Public School Janitors Perform

27 February 2018
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Having one or more janitors at a public school is absolutely crucial. They perform so many daily cleaning tasks that many students and staff members don't even realize. They are basically the reason why the schools are as clean and functional as they are. Here are three important services that public school janitors perform. 

Assistance During Lunch Hours 

Public school janitors are a big part of the reason why lunch time goes smoothly. They are there to help the kids know where to put their trays and trash when they are done eating, and they also clean up tables as they are emptied. This ensures that students always have a clean table to sit at. If there is an accidental spill, they will come around with a broom and/or mop to make sure that it is cleaned up before it is stepped in and spread around. Once lunch is over, they make sure that everything is cleaned and sterilized, so as to minimize the germs left behind. 

Clean Up After School Sporting Activities 

Another important task that high school janitors complete is the clean up after school sporting events. This includes the events that take place in the gymnasium as well as those located outdoors on the football field and/or track. There are often concessions sold at these events, which of course leads to a great deal of trash and liter. Janitors work hard to make sure the school and the grounds stay looking great. They do this by dumping out the trash cans before they become too full, cleaning up any trash left behind, and also sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping once the event is over and everyone has left for the night. 

They Clean Up After Injuries And Sicknesses

Lastly, janitors work hard to quickly clean up the mess left behind when someone falls and hurts themselves, or when someone becomes ill. They are sure to use the proper corrective gear when cleaning up blood, puke, etc., and they use cleaners, such as bleach, that completely clean and sterilize the area. Before they begin cleaning, they also cone off the area so that no one is at risk of stepping in it, slipping on it, etc. 

Public school janitors work hard to make sure the lunch room is kept clean and orderly during lunch time, they are there to clean up after sporting events, and they work hard to make sure areas are clean and sanitary when a student or facility member gets sick or injured.

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