3 Ways An Office Cleaning Service Customizes Your Office Cleaning

18 February 2018
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When you hire an office cleaning service to clean your office, you can feel confident that they will do a good job for you. One reason that you can expect this is because they personalize their cleaning to your wants and needs. Here are three ways that an office cleaning service customizes your office cleaning.

You Create The Schedule

One way that an office cleaning service customizes your cleaning is by helping you pick the best cleaning schedule for your office. This is something that is important to many office owners because they want to make sure that their office is cleaned at an effective time. You may choose to have your office cleaned before it opens in the morning, or in the evenings. You also choose how often the cleaners come. You may want them to come each night, or you may only want them to come once or twice a week. You could even have them come one night a week and then do a longer cleaning on the weekends. If you just need a one-time type of cleaning, this is also available to you. The decision is yours, which allows you to get exactly what you want.

You Determine What Cleaning Products Are Used

You also get to choose what cleaning products you would like to be used in your office. You can purchase these products yourself and have the office cleaning service use them, or you can tell them what products you'd like and they can simply incorporate the cost of the cleaning products into your cleaning budget. If you want to go green, they can make sure all of the products are safe for the environment. Also, if you have a certain scent or product that you love, they can make sure that this is used when cleaning your office.

You Can Request Specialty Services

While you likely have a regular cleaning that the office cleaning service does for you, this doesn't mean that you can't request a specialized cleaning from time to time. For example, if you would like your carpets cleaned, the upholstery cleaned, the doors and walls washed, the windows cleaned, etc., you can simply schedule an additional cleaning time to have all of this done. This makes it easy for you to keep your office looking great at all times.

An office cleaning service personalizes your cleaning services by allowing you to create the schedule, using the cleaning products that you request, and allowing you to have specialty cleaning services when you need them.