Get Your Windows Super Clean This Spring

27 April 2017
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Cleaning windows is often a task that falls to the bottom of everyone's spring cleaning list; however, it is an important task that really should be done at least once a year. Here are a few tips to make cleaning your windows go quickly.

#1 Remove All The Screens

The first thing that you need to do is remove all the screens from your windows. Put a piece of tape on each screen so that you know where it came from. Then, take your screens out to your driveway so that you can clean them all at once and together.

First, spray down your screens with your garden hose spray attachment. Then, attach a cleaning device onto your garden hose so that you can spray a solution of soap onto your screens. Then, use a long handled scrub brush, like one that you can purchase for washing your car with, to scrub the front and backs of all of your screens, spraying and rinsing the screens clean as you go. Finally, lay the screens out to dry in the sun as you clean your windows.

#2 Quickly Clean The Outside

You can quickly clean the outside of your windows using your garden hose. A pressure washer is not necessary and can actually do damage to your windows if the pressure is set to high.

Spray your window with water from top to bottom, then dip the long-handled scrub brush into a bucket of soapy water, and quickly scrub your windows, working from top to bottom. Then, spray them down again with water and allow your windows to air dry.

For windows that are too high for you to reach with the scrub brush, just spray them thoroughly with water.

#3 Cleaning The Inside

For the inside of your windows, mix together equal parts vinegar with water inside of a spray bottle and use that as the cleaning solution for your windows. Spray on the solution, and then use newspapers to clean and dry your windows. This will help prevent streaks on the inside of your windows and will ensure that your windows look as clean as possible.

#4 Wipe Down The Frame

Finally, don't forget about the frame and the bottom of your window. These areas can get really dirt over the year. However, they are relatively easy to clean. All you need to do is use a damp clothing or cleaning wipe to wipe down the sides of your windows and to clean out the bottom window still, where dirt and dust are most likely to accumulate from the outside.

Following the four steps above to quickly clean your windows. Once your screens are dry and your windows are clean, be sure to pop them back into place. For more information or assistance, contact companies like A+ Cleaning Service.