Three Microfiber Upholstery Care Mistakes To Avoid

24 April 2017
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Microfiber is a popular material for living room furniture because it looks nice and it's durable. If you have a new couch or chair in this material, you will definitely want to make sure it is kept in top condition. To this end, avoid the following three mistakes that can cause permanent damage to the microfiber.

#1: Using the wrong cleaner

There is no single right cleaner for all microfiber upholstery. This is because the fabric content can vary. Some types of microfiber should be cleaned with water-based cleansers, while others require a solvent-based cleanser. You can generally find which type of cleaner is necessary by looking on the tag or by contacting the furniture manufacturer. Using the wrong one can cause major stains that you can't remove. You should also avoid using any cleanser that contains bleach, since this can eat through microfiber or damage the color. Instead, use an appropriate cleaner that is formulated for use on microfiber fabrics.

#2: Ignoring liquid spills

Liquid can soak deeply into upholstery. In the case of microfiber, particularly varieties that require solvent-based cleaners, this can result in a large, dark stain. Even worse, the moisture can take a long time to dry inside the furniture, which can lead to mildew or mold growth. Use a clean, white towel to soak up liquid immediately after a spill. A white towel absorbs spills without transferring any dye to the upholstery. Once most of the liquid is absorbed, use the appropriate cleaner—following label instructions—to remove any remaining stain before it has a chance to set and become permanent.

#3: Skipping regular maintenance

Finally, you need to work upholstery cleaning into your regular cleaning regimen. At a bare minimum, vacuum the upholstery with the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove surface dirt. Skipping the vacuuming can cause soil and dirt to get pressed into the microfiber, thus resulting in a permanent stain. If you have pets that get on the furniture, you want to use a furniture protection pad to prevent fur, dander, and pet stains from occurring on the upholstery. Finally, finish off your weekly vacuuming with a quick check for stains. Spot treating these with the cleaner of choice can help prevent them from working deeply into the fabric and becoming permanent.

For more help in caring for your microfiber or other upholstered furniture, contact a professional upholstery cleaner in your area.