5 Things to Do Before Your Carpet Cleaners Arrive

3 May 2016
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It is recommended that you have your carpets professionally cleaned once every 12-24 months, depending on the requirements for your carpet's warranty. More frequent cleanings are recommended if you have allergies, wear outdoor shoes in your home, or have an area with high amounts of traffic. However, before you call the cleaners, you should make sure you are prepared for their visit. Completing these five things before your professional cleaners arrive will help your carpet cleaning go smoothly. 

Decide Exactly Which Areas Will Be Cleaned 

Before you get a carpet cleaning quote or hire a cleaning service, you should decide exactly which areas you want to have cleaned. For example, which rooms you want cleaned and whether you want furniture moved or not. While some companies charge by the room, other companies charge by the square foot, so having clearly defined areas you want cleaned can give you an idea of the cost of the project. 

You should also keep in mind that some carpet cleaning companies also clean other types of flooring such as hardwood or tile. Decide ahead of time if you want these other surfaces cleaned so you can inform your cleaning company and they can bring the correct tools. 

Vacuum Your Carpet 

While it is not mandatory that you vacuum your floor before the cleaning crew arrives, it can make a deep cleaning more efficient. This is because the initial layer of dirt will be removed from the carpet, allowing the steam cleaner to reach deeper into your carpet more quickly. If you regularly vacuum your carpet and do not walk on it with outdoor shoes, you can skip this step. 

Remove Small Items from Furniture and Remove Valuable Items from the Area

If you will have your furniture moved for a more thorough cleaning, you should remove any lose, small items from the furniture. For example, make sure your electronics are put away and move small, decorative items. Some companies may refuse to move delicate or fragile items such as vases out of liability. You should either move these items out of the way ahead of time, discuss your cleaning company's policy regarding fragile items to make sure they will move them for you, or be prepared to move them while the cleaners are at your home. 

Plan Activities for Children and Pets 

Although you can generally walk on your carpets after the cleaning is completed, you should refrain from wearing outdoor shoes on the carpets or otherwise soiling the carpets until they are fully dry. To keep children and pets from accidentally tracking in dirt or spilling on the carpet while it is still wet, you should plan activities for them that will keep them away from the areas that have been cleaned. 

It is also a good idea to have children and pets occupied or out of the house while the cleaners are there. This allows the cleaners to work safely and efficiently without worrying about bumping into your children or pets. 

Consult Your Cleaning Company About Moving Furniture 

If you decide to have the carpet underneath furniture cleaned, you should contact your company of choice to ask about their policy regarding moving furniture. Most cleaning companies are willing to move your furniture for you and will then replace the furniture in the correct area with protective pads beneath the feet of the furniture to prevent staining while the carpet is still wet. However, while some companies include this service in their basic cost, other companies charge extra for moving furniture. You should make sure you know the extra fee and are okay with paying it if you want to leave your furniture in place. Otherwise, move your furniture out of the room before the cleaners arrive. 

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